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Free Resources For Men And Divorced Dads

Divorce Guides

- Free online access to Joseph Cordell's "Civil War: A Dad's Guide to Custody," which outlines the general rules of civil procedure that govern child custody litigation. Also, the "Dad's Financial Guide to Divorce" outlines the more tangible monetary aspects of divorce, with information on the division of marital assets, the family home, and different strategies with which to approach this area in court.

State Child Custody Statutes

- The map provided indicates how each state and the District of Columbia apply their laws in determining child custody during divorce proceedings.

Child Support Calculator

- Each state has its own child support calculator that will provide an estimated amount of your monthly child support.

Men's Divorce Attorney Referrals

- This state-by-state directory of men's divorce attorneys is posted as an easy way to find father-friendly family law attorneys in your area.

Divorce Information Links

- Links from around the web. provides the links as a convenient resource to our visitors looking for divorce information and divorce resources.

State Divorce Laws

- View each state's laws governing divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and more.

Online Videos

- Assortment of videos about asset protection, financial advice, latest divorce news and newsmakers, and much more.

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