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DadsDivorce Podcasts - The Latest Divorce News

The podcast section features several new interviews each week bringing you the latest divorce information and divorce advice for men and fathers.

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1 DadsDivorce Live: What Surveillance Activity Is Allowed In Divorce Cases?
2 Money Made Easy: Why You Need To Invest
3 How To Save Money When In Debt
4 Craig Schelske's Fight For Parenting Time With Sara Evans
5 DadsDivorce Live: Reforming Child Support Laws
6 Money Made Easy: Financial Advice On Refinancing The Marital Home
7 DadsDivorce Live: Common Divorce Myths
8 DadsDivorce Live: Child Custody Advice
9 A Father's Love: An Interview With David Goldman
10 Money Made Easy: How Co-Signing Affects Credit Scores
11 DadsDivorce Live: Should You Have A Morality Clause?
12 Money Made Easy: Credit Disability Insurance
13 DadsDivorce Live: PTSD in Male Domestic Violence Victims
14 Money Made Easy: Upside Down Home Value
15 Money Made Easy: Explaining Tax Refunds
16 DadsDivorce Live: Parental Alienation Awareness Day
17 DadsDivorce Live: The Fight For Presumed Joint Custody
18 Money Made Easy: Correcting Tax Return Mistakes
19 Joseph Cordell on Divorce Mistakes
20 Money Made Easy: What To Claim For Tax Deductions
21 DadsDivorce Live: Misandry, The Hatred of Men
22 DadsDivorce Live: The Disposable Male
23 DadsDivorce Live: How Divorce Affects Fatherhood
24 Money Made Easy: Tax Rules Changes
25 Money Made Easy: Tax Filing Status
26 DadsDivorce Live: Foundation for Male Studies
27 Money Made Easy: Cost-Benefit Analysis
28 DadsDivorce Live: Fathers & Families Reform
29 Money Made Easy: Financial Advisers
30 DadsDivorce Live: Keys to a Successful Modification
31 Money Made Easy: Credit Card Debt
32 DadsDivorce Live: False Accusations of Paternity
33 Money Made Easy: How To Plan For Retirement
34 DadsDivorce Live: Initial Consultations in Divorce
35 Money Made Easy: How To Save Money on Taxes
36 Joe Cordell Father's Rights Interview (Part 3)
37 Joe Cordell Father's Rights Interview (Part 2)
38 Joe Cordell Father's Rights Interview (Part 1)
39 DadsDivorce Live: Contempt of Court
40 Money Made Easy: Explaining Interest Rates
41 DadsDivorce Live: Alimony Reform
42 Legal Issues of International Custody Disputes
43 Money Made Easy: Choose a Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
44 DadsDivorce Live: A Dad's Fight To Bring His Child Home
45 Money Made Easy: Debt Consolidation
46 DadsDivorce Live: A Family Law Discussion
47 Money Made Easy: How To Budget When Broke
48 DadsDivorce Live: Parenting Support Groups
49 Money Made Easy: Financial New Year's Resolutions
50 DadsDivorce Live: Family Law Reform in 2011
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