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Dads DivorceĀ® provides divorce tips, information, and resources for men and fathers.

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Our site is sponsored by Cordell & Cordell, a domestic litigation firm focused on representing men in divorce.

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  • Video: Cordell & Cordell News - November 21, 2014
    DadsDivorce and MensDivorce as well as their sponsor, Cordell &
    Cordell, present a news video for the week of November 21, 2014. This week, Cordell &
    Cordell opened registration for the 2015 Annual Domestic Litigation Forumdad on Friday, March
    17. Dad ... Readmore...
  • Modifying Custody And Placement Orders After A Divorce Is Finalized
    Question: My ex and I had a non-contested divorce and she was awarded custody three years ago. I now
    have more time than her to spend with our son due to work schedules. Is it possible to obtain joint
    custody after a divorce is final?     Answer: I do not practice law ... Readmore...
  • What Factors Do Courts Consider When Granting Custody?
    Question: My wife and I have been separated for 18 months and have both recently spent time in rehab
    clinics. She recently moved out of state to live with her father and has admitted in court papers
    that she supports herself with his help.  She wants to gain custody of our 5 ... Readmore...
  • Is It Worth Filing A Motion Of Contempt?
    Question: My wife recently moved out of state with our kids and I was considering filing a motion of
    contempt. But the clerk said it would be pointless since it would take longer to file than our next
    status conference date and would cost more. Is it worth filing or should I just ... Readmore...
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Men's Rights

The website focuses on areas that directly violates men's rights and fathers rights.
Information on child support

Child Support

Articles relating to child support, including how much you should be paying and when does it stop.
Information on child Custody

Child Custody

What are my chances of gaining child custody? How can I get custody of my chlid? Read the answers.
information on divorce resources

Divorce Resources

Free resources for divorced dads, including divorce guides, child support calculators and state laws.
Cordell & Cordell Reviews

Cordell & Cordell Reviews

Read what actual clients had to say about their experience.
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