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Dads Divorce® provides divorce tips, information, and resources for men and fathers.

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  • DadsDivorce Live: 2014 Shared Parenting Report Card
    Last month, the National Parents Organization released its 2014 Shared Parenting Report Card. The
    report is the first national study to provide a comprehensive ranking of each state on their child
    custody statutes.  The report revealed some startling statistics. Across the b ... Readmore...
  • Can I Sue Over Being Sent To Court To Establish Paternity?
    Question: Can a man file a civil lawsuit against a woman who sends him to court to establish
    paternity?  Answer: I am not licensed to practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot
    inform you as to the specific laws of your state and can only provide you with general info ... Readmore...
  • 4 Problems With The Modern Child-Support System
    Ruth Graham recently wrote a feature for the Boston Globe shining a light on the many flaws with the
    modern child-support system. Graham’s piece traces the history of the modern system and
    exposes how it is based on stereotypes and outdated notions. Several sociologists and ... Readmore...
  • Tips For Single Dads To Pay For College
    The number of households headed by a single father has multiplied nine-fold since 1960, reaching 2.6
    million in 2011, Pew Research Center reported in 2013.  Only 17 percent of these single dads
    have at least a bachelor's degree, which means the income potential of the other ... Readmore...
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Child Support

Articles relating to child support, including how much you should be paying and when does it stop.
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Child Custody

What are my chances of gaining child custody? How can I get custody of my chlid? Read the answers.
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Divorce Resources

Free resources for divorced dads, including divorce guides, child support calculators and state laws.
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Cordell & Cordell Reviews

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