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oklahoma city divorce lawyerQuestion:

We drafted our divorce settlement agreement and agreed to no alimony when I was unemployed, but now I have found a high-paying job.

After our divorce is final, can she take me back to court to modify our divorce settlement to take advantage of my increased assets and receive alimony?

Is there a way to prevent such a court action if she wants to bring me back to court to try and renegotiate the divorce settlement agreement?


This answer only includes general divorce help for men since I am only licensed to practice in Oklahoma and am thus unable to provide any legal advice on divorce laws in other states.

Where I practice, once a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage has been entered, barring fraud, evidence of coercion, or something along those lines, the case is final and there will be no going back to modify the decree.

What you earn after the marriage is your separate property and is not subject to division. Moreover, the fact that you are entering into an agreement should help protect you in the event that she attempts to modify the decree in the future base on a claim of fraud or coercion.

With that said, she may attempt to modify the decree to request alimony or modify alimony that she is receiving based on the facts in your case.

I recommend that you contact a mens divorce lawyer near you to provide you with legal advice on divorce and assist in the preparation of your marital settlement agreement.

To set up an appointment with a Cordell & Cordell mens divorce attorney, including Oklahoma City Divorce Lawyer Brock Ellis, please contact Cordell & Cordell.

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