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the today show"The Today Show" on NBC used as one of its sources in a recent article on the rise of Facebook-related divorces.

While we at and the Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyers always caution divorced dads to be careful of what information they put online, the article mentions our stance that Facebook should not be solely blamed for ruining a marriage.

The Today Show website writes:

"Of course, on the other end of the spectrum are those who don't blame Facebook, as it is just the latest medium by which the unfaithful carry out their transgressions. People, they say, will always find a way to cheat. It's about establishing boundaries both spouses will respect. As an article on puts it, 'It’s not fair to blame Facebook or Internet dating sites because they are just the vehicle — not the driver.'"

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Thanks to NBC for recognizing as the go-to source for information on men's divorce.

Read the complete The Today Show article, "Facebook related-divorces on the rise."


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