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May 24, 2012

parenting time activitiesLeslie Lorenzano

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

When you have a limited amount of parenting time to spend with your children, you want to make every moment count.  Maximizing your parenting time with your children may take planning and creative thought, which can be daunting at times, but there are many options for fun activities to do and places to go with your children.

Each child is different, so he or she may only be interested in a few of the following ideas depending on his or her age, interests, skills, etc., but at least talking to your children about possible activities will show them that you are interested in having a memorable and active time with them when you are together.

May 16, 2012

misuse parenting timeBy Julie Garrison

Special to

My previous article "Is Your Ex-Wife Ignoring Your Children During Parenting Time?" addressed a common situation when a divorced dad feels his ex-wife is not properly caring for the children during her parenting time.

Frequently cited examples include mom increasingly leaving the child for longer periods at daycare or with babysitters to spend more time with her new boyfriend, and that mom has begun going out later, drinking more than normal, and sometimes picking up the children from daycare after happy hour.

Here are 6 actions a father can try to remedy the situation and help his children when he believes his ex-wife is being neglectful to their children during her parenting time.

May 15, 2012

misuse parenting timeBy Julie Garrison

Special to

What happens when a divorced dad has been noticing that his ex-wife's parenting time has been increasingly interrupted with activities that she seems to place above her children?

There are many stories on the divorce forum where fathers tell of their ex-wives being on the phone all day texting their new boyfriend "Mr. Wonderful" or plopping the kids in front of the TV for five hours while she’s out with friends.

Here are some real-life examples of when parents do not use their parenting time effectively:

May 11, 2012

mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

I have a restraining order against me that says I am to have no contact with my ex-wife, so how does this affect my parenting time with my children?

There is a parenting plan in place with specific times for me to see my children, but our visitation exchange is supposed to take place at my ex-wife’s workplace.

How can I exercise parenting time and pick up my kids from my ex-wife if I am court-ordered to have no contact with her?

May 02, 2012

pet custodyQuestion:

My daughter has been allergic to cats her whole life, though she has never had a reaction to the cats my ex-wife and I owned nor the cats I currently own after our divorce. The doctor has recommended to limit her exposure to the cats, but again she has had no reaction.

Now my ex-wife is threatening to take away my visitation rights until I get rid of the cats and we go to mediation as required by our divorce agreement.

Can my ex-wife be successful in suspending my visitation or modifying our child custody agreement because of my cats?

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