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Jul 08, 2014

Question:daniel lipsitz attorney colorado

The wife of my children keeps demanding my paycheck stubs because she wants to redo our child support arrangement. In the meantime, she has stopped working.

My income has not changed since our marriage. Is this considered harassment? What is the legal process for requesting child support be adjusted?

Jun 20, 2014

Question:kristy loyall attorney divorce oklahoma

My wife and I have been married for 14 years. After her kids are grown, she has met another man and wants to file for diorce. She wants me to move out of the house now, too.

I am currently job hunting and having a hard time getting back into the workforce. I also have nowhere to go and do not currently have money to live on if I move out.

Can she force me to move and be homeless? If I do find someplace to live, is she required to pay alimony?

May 05, 2014

timeshare divorceBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer 

If the threat of paying alimony to your ex-wife has you worried, the prospect of having to prove what she can earn to eliminate, or at least minimize, that threat is probably worse. 

Sep 11, 2013

colorado springs divorce lawyer Stephanie RikemanQuestion:

My wife is determined to drag out the divorce until I am broke. She is still living in my home that I purchased and the judge will not kick her out and let the children stay with me.

She is unemployed so I am paying for everything while she refuses to look for a job. If she cannot find employment I will end up paying the mortgage for her while she lives in my house.

Her strategy is to remain in the home until I am kicked out by the judge and ultimately pay for everything. This is all about money for her.

Is there anything I can do in my situation?

Mar 30, 2013

divorce lawyer Katie PetersenQuestion:

I recently lost my job and am unemployed. Because of my drop in income I adjusted my child support payments a similar percentage in order to keep the ratio of income to child support the same.

Can I unilaterally modify my child support payments if I lose my job?

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