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Apr 16, 2011

Question:mens divorce lawyer

My child support obligations will terminate this summer when my child graduates high school and is considered emancipated. Now that my child support payments are about to end, my ex-wife is filing a motion for maintenance.

The maintenance issue was left open-ended in our divorce decree, but can she get it awarded to her now simply because my child support payments to her are ending?

How much maintenance would I have to pay?

Mar 30, 2011

Question:mens divorce lawyer

I am a non-custodial father. If I retire, is that considered a "change in circumstances" thus warranting a modification of child support based on my lower income?

Mar 10, 2011

Question:mens divorce lawyer

I am trying to go on vacation out of state with my daughter, who I have primary physical placement, for spring break.

My ex will not give me the permission I need to leave with her and has threatened to call the police if I do attempt to leave. I've even offered to give her the full information as to where we would be staying, contact information, etc.

Can I still take this trip without her permission?

Mar 07, 2011

Question:mens divorce lawyer

I need to obtain proof from my ex-spouse's health insurance provider as to the cost charged for my daughter to be covered, since I am being expected to pay that portion of the premium.

What is the procedure for legally obtaining the cost per person premium? Could I issue a subpoena if I am representing myself pro se? How do HIPPA laws relate to this?

Mar 06, 2011

Mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

A paternity test proved I am the father of a child, though the child’s mother listed another man on the birth certificate.

The child is now a teenager and I have suddenly been ordered to pay child support in addition to paying four years worth of retroactive child support. The mother also wants me to pay back child support from more than four years ago.

I do not know this child and want to stop paying child support since I have no relationship with the child or the mother. How can I stop paying child support?

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