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Apr 11, 2014

timeshare divorceBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer 

Imagine this: You have your suitcases packed and your kids waiting in your care. At long last, it’s time for a vacation. It’s been a long winter and a bad year with your divorce, and it’s finally time to relax. That is, until you get a call from your ex, or worse, her attorney or the police. They claim you cannot go anywhere with those kids. What are you to do?

Dec 15, 2012

divorce lawyer Jordan RapoffQuestion:

My question concerns the right of first refusal and whether my longtime girlfriend can watch the children while I am at work during my court-ordered parenting time.

My ex-wife will not drop my child off with my girlfriend at my house after school and before I get home from work because she claims she has right of first refusal if I am not available.

My divorce decree states that transportation shall be made to and from the children's school by the parent who has the child the night before school. In the event that the above mentioned parent cannot provide transportation the other parent shall have the right of first refusal limited, solely limited to picking up or dropping off child in the event the other parent chooses not to exercise the right of first refusal transportation shall be made by a responsible adult.

Is she not following the agreement or am I misinterpreting the clause?

Oct 29, 2012

Noblesville Indiana Divorce LawyerQuestion:

Do I have to continue making my child available to my ex-wife for parenting time if she does not exercise it?

My ex and I live several hours apart so we meet halfway for the custody exchange. Recently she has stopped showing up and doesn't call, text, or email to let me know.

It's a waste of my time and hurtful for our child when we drive hours for an arranged parenting time switch that my ex-wife doesn't bother to show for.

Is there anything I can do about these no shows and her lack of exercising her parenting time?

Oct 04, 2012

Noblesville Indiana Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My ex-wife and child moved a few hours away without notifying me and since then I've spent thousands on travel expenses.

We used to meet halfway but now in order to see my child I have to pay for flights. Now my ex-wife has requested a child support modification increase.

How can I get credit or reimbursed for the tens of thousands of dollars I have spent on travel in order to exercise parenting time with my children who were moved away from me without my permission?

Sep 05, 2012

georgia divorce lawyerQuestion:

My wife owns a truck, though I am the primary user since the truck is essential to me making a living as a construction worker.

We are heading for a divorce, and my wife wants to sell the truck.

Can she do this even if it is in her name knowing that selling the truck will severely impact my employment?

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