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Providing men with essential divorce advice, fathers rights divorce information and child custody articles. Dads Divorce is a community for men facing divorce or fathers rights issues and run by Cordell and Cordell. Cordell & Cordell is a family law firm with a focus on men's divorce, child custody and fathers rights divorce.
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Jul 13, 2012

divorce asset protectionAsset protection is an area of law in which your attorney works with you to ensure that the assets you have worked to accumulate are legally safeguarded from third parties.
In this episode of Money Made Easy, financial adviser Dan Danford, CFP®, CRSP®, MBA, answers a reader's question about asset protection strategies.

It is best to implement an asset protection strategy early to avoid the appearance of fraudulent transfer and to ensure you will be protected should the unexpected arise. It is much easier to create an asset protection strategy when the creditors are hypothetical future collectors and not creditors currently knocking on your door.

Jun 30, 2011

legal advice on divorceBy Matt Allen


One divorce article after another on provides divorce tips for men to help fathers navigate the complex family law system.

When you first start out in the divorce process it can be a scary and lonesome experience filled with unanswered questions. That's why is filled with divorce resources to help men.

Read this collection of divorce articles on marriage separation advice in order to increase your chances of a successful outcome in your case.

Dec 08, 2009

divorce advice for fathersQuestion: My name is on all the bills and I want to shut off electric, phone, cable, computer. She has a job, but I have paid these bills for the two years of our marriage. The problem is that, now that we are getting a divorce, she is running all the bills up by apparently leaving the water running and the lights on. She has also upgraded to the most expensive cable and Internet plan.

All of these bills have at least doubled since three months ago when I was still living in the house and I can prove it. Can I do this without legal backlash?

Nov 26, 2009

Cordell & Cordell, Dorothy Ripka of Cordell & Cordell, P.C.

This case is uncontested.  We are using one attorney.  My wife hired him.

First things first, an attorney can ethically only represent one person in a divorce.  One person retains the attorney, and is therefore entitled to the benefit of legal advice on divorce.  If your wife hires the attorney, then the attorney only owes an ethical obligation to her.  This attorney's obligation is to advise her of the positives and negatives and even the unknowns of the agreement that the two of you may or may not have.  She will receive the benefit of this advice, not you.

Nov 23, 2009

By Barry Finkel

In the age of digital communications, there now are three sides to every divorce story: his, hers, and what’s being stored by the phone company.

divorce textingDigital communications, like e-mail, instant messaging and increasing text messaging using a wireless phone, has opened new lines of communication between people. This includes couples facing divorce.

While e-mail and IM are commonly used, most should be wary of texting. Why? Many people who text often will message their spouse, friends or even a lover with whom they’re having an affair, revealing intentions, intimate details and negotiation strategies.

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