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Aug 10, 2012

oklahoma city divorce lawyerQuestion:

My ex-wife wants to pull our children out of daycare so her boyfriend can be a "stay-at-home dad" and watch our kids all day.

I told her I am not comfortable with her boyfriend staying home alone with our children. I'd rather have them with a child care professional.

What are my options to prevent this from happening?

Jul 22, 2011

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

I am no longer working and am now a stay-at-home dad for my children. However, I still owe child support to my ex-wife for a child from our marriage.

We are currently paying her child support from my current wife's student loans, but we are really struggling financially.

Because I am a stay-at-home dad, do child support laws allow me to modify the child support amount?

Dec 01, 2010

By Andrea Johnson

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

Many non-custodial parents believe that following a divorce, they are entitled to claim the minor children as their dependent for tax purposes so long as they are paying child support.

That is absolutely not the case. 

Nov 06, 2010

Divorce Attorney Angela FoyQuestion:

I was denied alimony because the judge said I was an "able-bodied man capable of finding work." Keep in mind I put aside my career and was the primary caregiver for our children while my wife traveled for much of the time for work.

Shouldn't I be awarded at least temporary maintenance so I can go back to school in order to find employment at a liveable wage? Can I go back to court to have spousal support reconsidered?

Jul 27, 2010

By Jill A. Duffy

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

The new era of stay-at-home fatherhood is putting men in some uncharted territory because traditionally women were the ones to stay at home and raise children. Many stay-at-home dads have questions about their rights because of this.

When a woman stays at home during the marriage to take care of the kids, it is customary for the children to remain primarily with her after the divorce, and for her to get child support and spousal support to continue living the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Is it any different for a stay-at-home dad?

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