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Oct 19, 2009


My wife wants a divorce and we currently have our house up for sale.  I put down about 100K on the house when we bought it and that money was from the sale of some inheritance property I had. The problem is that my wife wants us to do our divorce through some online website and split everything we have 50/50, including the house.

Because of the slow real estate market, we have already lowered our sale price considerably and I would lose a lot of my down payment if we did a 50/50 split. If we could get a good price for the house, I’d be alright with doing a 50/50 split. We owe 365K and the sale price of the house right now is 559K. I just want to get close to my original investment back and she can have the rest. What should I do?


Jul 03, 2009


Can you explain the difference between the various child support strategies. I am from a state that I believe uses the "shared income" model.

In my situation it seems that even though my ex has "residential" status I would be awarded child support based upon 50/50 and the large disparity in our incomes.


Nov 29, 1999


My ex wife currently has custody of our 14 and 10 year- old children. I get them every other weekend. She pawns the kids off to to her family members when she is supposed to have them. What are my rights as the father ? I pay 75% of my pay 1612.00 salary a month for support. I would like to have 50/50 custody of the kids, could I get that changed? My kids are missing school assignments and are becoming emotionally detached. I feel they need a more family oriented atmosphere where they are monitored, and loved and cared for.


I am not licensed in Michigan. Laws regarding custody modification will differ from state to state, so you should also consult an attorney in your state. The best way to get 50/50 custody is to establish a pattern of having the kids 50% of the time. If the kids are spending time with relatives and friends during your ex's time, insist that they stay with you instead. There is no reason for them to be with others when they can be with you. Keep a calendar of the time you have them. The more time you have them the more likely you will be able to modify.

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