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May 01, 2014

Question:daniel exner attorney wisconsin

I am a combat-disabled veteran. I currently receive income from VA disability as well as Social Security disability.

I'm wondering if my ex is entitled to child and spousal support from either my veteran's disability or from the Social Security Income?

Oct 22, 2013

pittsburgh divorce lawyer jana palkoQuestion:

I mailed a copy of the divorce complaint and notice to defend to my estranged wife according to local rules, using United States Postal Service restricted delivery certified mail, with return receipt requested.

She notified me 2 days later that she had received and signed for it, but now, nearly a month later I still have not received a return receipt from the postal service.

My estranged wife is willing to confirm that she received it, but all that is missing is the return receipt.

Is it reasonable to hope that the court will accept alternate documentation that she was served with her copy of the complaint and notice to defend in place of the lost return receipt?

Dec 13, 2012

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My wife and I are separated, but she has yet to serve me with the divorce filing. She has possession of the vehicle that is in my name and I pay for.

Do I have a legal right to retrieve the vehicle from her since we are still legally married, there are no court orders, and the vehicle is mine even though we both use it?

Nov 10, 2012

Houston divorce lawyerQuestion:

For a default divorce to be granted, do I have to have a record that my wife was served notice of the hearing date?

I have filed for divorce and had her served by a process server, but she failed to respond within the 20-day waiting period my state's divorce laws require.

Oct 26, 2012

divorce lawyer Andrew LaufersQuestion:

I received discovery interrogatories by regular mail. I have finished my answers and I also need to send my interrogatories to my ex-wife as well.

Do I have to properly serve them or is sending them by regular mail enough?

Also, do I have to deposit a copy of my interrogatories and responses in court?

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