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Aug 06, 2014

Question:kristy loyall attorney oklahoma

My ex-girlfriend is pregnant and is expected to have the baby within the next two weeks. She will not tell me when the baby is about to be born and has advised me that she will not allow me to see the child.

I fear for the baby's safety with her because she has neglected her other children before and has taken painkillers, even when pregnant. 

How do I file for custody if I don't know my baby's name or when the baby will be born? What are my rights?

Jun 04, 2014

Question:caroline thompson attorney pennsylvania

My wife makes a lot more money than I do. We are about to get a divorce.

If her salary is much larger than mine, can I get alimony from her then?

Nov 05, 2013

minnesota divorce lawyerQuestion:

I believe my wife defaulted on the divorce, as she did not file a response in the required amount of time.

I thought I had won but my divorce lawyer claims that default means nothing and that it won't be considered here in my state.

I then question why a process server was hired and why my spouse was told to respond within a certain amount of days.

Who is right?

Aug 23, 2013

divorce lawyer Andrew LaufersQuestion:

Can the Petitioner change the requests made in the Petition for Divorce if the Respondent defaulted?

I requested joint custody as the Petitioner, but the opposing party has defaulted so I was wondering if I could change my request to sole custody.

Jun 20, 2013

oklahoma city divorce lawyerQuestion:

I petitioned my ex-spouse for a child custody modification, and the 20-day waiting period has expired without an Answer from her to my Petition.

Is my ex-spouse in default? If so, would the judge be more likely to grant the child custody modification if my ex has not responded to the Petition in time?

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