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Mar 09, 2011

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

I have sole legal and physical custody of my son. I do not trust my ex-wife's new husband, especially when he is with my son during my ex's parenting time.

He has started to take my 7-year-old hunting and having him handling a gun, which I am completely against.

Do I have any legal recourse to keep my ex's husband from participating in dangerous activities with my child?

Feb 24, 2011

Question:Divorce lawyer Leslie Lorenzano

My ex-wife and I mutually agreed to change custody of our child and he now lives with me so I am the custodial parent. However, I still have child support deducted out of my paychecks and sent to her because we have not officially made this change with the court.

I would like the court to recognize our new custodial arrangement and the fact that I waive my right to needing child support from her.

What kind of legal documents to I have to give the court to have them recognize this and does an attorney need to be involved if we have a mutual agreement?

Feb 23, 2011

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

My wife and I are separated and headed toward divorce, though a divorce has not been filed.

She has moved out and has cut off all contact between me and my children. She returns the letters I send them, refuses to let them talk to me on the phone, and monitors their cell phones so I can't even text them.

Is there anything I can do to communicate with my kids during this transition period?

Feb 21, 2011

By Robert Ferrer

Archivist and Principle Researcher, Children’s Rights Council of Illinois

I recently attended a session of the Illinois Family Law Study Committee where they discussed reforms to the statues regarding parenting time for the non-residential parent.

When the issue of increasing non-residential parenting time was proposed pundits against the idea said that it was not in keeping with current societal norms.  

The person most emphatic about this said that there is a significant discrepancy in direct childcare between fathers and mothers. Most fathers would not know what to do if given more time with their children.

I am amazed at the misinformation that is circulated.

Feb 18, 2011

Mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

My ex has verbally agreed to let me have sole physical and legal custody of our children.

What steps do I need to take to make our agreement official? Does it matter that my children and ex currently live in a different state (Texas) then where our divorce judgment was entered (Florida)?

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