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Dec 07, 2009

Question: When I was 16 and naive I was led to believe that my then girlfriend was pregnant with my child. Guess what?! After ten years of faithfully paying child support the secret has come out. The child who I have only seen a handful of times is, in fact, not my son. What's more, it is the child of a guy whom I thought I was friends with. My question is: because I was under age at the time I signed the birth certificate, because I have witnesses who know for certain and would testify that I was intentionally misled, because I am certain that I am not the biological father, and because I am certain who is the father, and because I have not been allowed to have a relationship with this child do I have any chance of having my duty to support this child removed? How would I go about putting together my case? Are there any damages that can be awarded in such a case?  My life has been essentially wrecked due to this bogus charge.

Dec 06, 2009

Question: I live in Illinois. My daughter's mother disappeared with my child years ago. I just found out that she was living in Georgia. After six years of no contact, she is now re-emerging and threatening to take me to court for back child support. Any suggestions?

Nov 27, 2009

Question: I have recently requested a certified copy of a V.A.P. and received a letter stating there was no copy of V.A.P. on file, yet my name is on my kids certificates. I did sign the documents at birth. But no copy was found. Now the only way I see viable is to resign the V.A.P. but the mother has to also sign it. She will not cooperate. Is there any way I can get the V.A.P. without her having to sign the document?

Nov 25, 2009

A Michigan man is challenging a state law that says he cannot demand visitation or pay child support for a child that is his, but was born while the mother was married to another man.

Today’s Detroit News article looks at the case of Daniel Quinn, a 32-year-old man who is the biological father of his 3-year-old daughter.  The girl’s mother was married – and still is – and according to Michigan law, Quinn has no parental standing because if the mother of the child is married at the time of birth to another man, then the husband is responsible for the child, not the biological father.

Quinn told the paper he is just looking to be involved in his daughter’s life. 

Nov 25, 2009

Question: My husband recently found out that his 3 year-old-son is not his. DNA proved that result. Can he be reimbursed for child support paid since their separation three years ago? Can he have his name removed from the child's birth certificate? Or, if not, is there some kind of legal addendum that can be attached to the birth certificate stating that he is not the child's biological father? Is he due any damages from the mother for her deception?

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