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Sep 22, 2010

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

My ex wife is saying that a child that I thought was mine and paid child support for 14 years is actually someone else's.

Is it possible to get a refund for the 14 years of child support I paid for a child that is not mine?


Aug 17, 2010


My fiancee is on Medicaid. Toward the end of her pregnancy she said that Medicaid would not cover our baby if he had my last name. At the time I didn't question her because she said once we were married we could change his name to mine. Now everyone is telling me that is not true. Who is right?


Jul 08, 2010

Jennifer Paine, Cordell & Cordell AttorneysQuestion:

My then-wife had a baby from another man while we were married and she was in the military with another serviceman. She told me that she put the child in my name so they wouldn't get in trouble.

Now they want me to pay child support because they are running out of money. Will I have to pay child support for another man's child?


Jul 02, 2010

By William Halaz

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

Note: Click here to read Part 1, which addressed these questions:

  • What to do when a child is born during dissolution proceedings?
  • If the baby isn't mine but is born during divorce proceedings before our divorce is official am I legally responsible?

What follows is a brief explanation of paternity laws in the state I practice in, Missouri, regarding the potential outcome of this nerve-wracking situation. This is not meant to cover every situation, and as each situation may produce a different outcome, you should speak with an attorney regarding how to proceed with your case. Also, laws in your state may be different, so you should speak with an attorney licensed in your own state to determine whether this information may apply to your case. Through the article, I will be referencing Missouri’s Revised Statutes (RSMO).

Jul 01, 2010

By William Halaz

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

Note: Part 2 addressed DNA tests, birth certificates, and proving if you are/are not the father. Click here to read.

What to do when a child is born during dissolution proceedings?           

Often, men are portrayed by angry spouses as abandoning their children during dissolution proceedings even when nothing could be further from the truth. Most men want to continue to be involved in their children’s lives as they grow up.

But picture this scenario: A husband finds out his wife is having an affair with another man. They agree that their marriage is over and they file for divorce. Shortly after they file, his wife informs him she is pregnant. Immediately a flurry of questions come to mind: Is this child mine? How can I find out? If I’m not the biological father, am I still legally responsible for this child? Will the child have my last name?

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