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Aug 10, 2011

Paternity Law Question:divorce lawyer Erin Clark

How does paternity law address situations where a wife gives birth to another man's child while still married to her husband?

I have been separated from my wife for three years, but we are not legally divorced yet. She is pregnant with another man's child and will give birth while we are still legally married.

Is the child considered mine since we are still married even though it's impossible that I'm the biological father?

Jul 18, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Erin Clark

I would like to get child custody of a child I believe is mine. The child's mother doesn't want me to do a paternity test for whatever reason.

Is there a paternity law that allows for me to force her to take genetic testing to prove who is the child's father?

Jul 08, 2011

Jennifer Hankinson Dallas Divorce AttorneyQuestion:

My question is about paternity law and child support.

A woman I had a brief affair with 15 years ago is now claiming that I am the father of her child. She is recently divorced from the man the child has known as "dad", and now this woman is demanding I pay child support for a child I never even knew about for almost 15 years!

Will I have to pay child support or is there a statute of limitations to bring a suit to determine paternity or a paternity law that blocks this? Does the person the child calls "dad" have any financial obligations?

Jul 04, 2011

paternity lawQuestion:

I have a very unique and complex paternity law case and am wondering how child custody laws apply. I am the biological father of one twin girl and another man is the biological father of the other twin girl. 

I would like to gain child custody of my child. The court is telling me I would have to take both twin girls when only one is biologically mine, and the mother already relinquished her parental rights but the courts awarded custody to the grandmother without ever notifying me!

What are my options to get custody of just my biological child?

Jul 01, 2011

mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

I really need some advice on paternity law. I recently found out I am the father of a child with an ex-girlfriend.

We have not gone through the courts or anything to set up child custody agreements because we were both cooperating with parenting time.

However, she has now begun denying me visitation more frequently. What can I do to establish my rights as the child's father and ensure my parenting time is enforced?

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