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Aug 10, 2011

child custody bookBy Matt Allen


William E. Brooks turned his nightmare of a child custody situation into an aptly named book that described his role as a father to two small boys ripped away from him: "My Life In Exile."

His experience with a system devoid of father’s rights pushed him out of his children’s lives and nearly ruined his subsequent marriage. His goal now is to raise awareness of the inequality of the child custody.

"Those unaware of this terrible problem need to be made aware. Those suffering at the hands of this system need to be encouraged to fight for change knowing they are not alone,” Brooks said. "My hope is that my sons never have to endure the pain and suffering I had to endure as a father and that their children never have to suffer as they did when they were young and innocent."

Below, read Brooks' divorce article about the flawed family court system and why a logical shared parenting arrangement would work.

Aug 02, 2011

divorce rights for menBy Robert Ferrer

Archivist and Researcher, University of Illinois

I was going to continue my inquiry into current myths about children, fathers and divorce, but while on vacation I read the latest book by Professor Edward Kruk, "Divorced Fathers: Children’s Needs and Parental Responsibilities."

The results of his most recent study published in his book affirm much of what I postulated in my article, "The Urgency of Reform." I found his study most fascinating and would like to share with you some of his findings on divorce rights for men.

The key theme of the book is discontinuity. Kruk is referring to significant discrepancies in how the court views things and the reality of its rulings. 

Kruk also sees significant discrepancies in child custody and caretaking arrangements pre- and post- divorce. (Read related article "A Proposed Solution For How Child Custody Is Decided")

Jul 30, 2011

divorce lawyer Tamara HoffstatterQuestion:

We are attempting to work through child custody agreements in mediation, but my wife will not give me more than every other weekend and some summer vacation time.

I want to have more parenting time with my daughter, but I'm not sure what to do if my wife won't give it to me.

What should I do to get extra visitation?

Jul 29, 2011

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

What are the child custody laws pertaining to stepparent visitation rights?

Is there a chance that a stepfather could receive visitation with his stepchild post-divorce?

The child's biological father is no longer in the picture and the stepfather is the only Dad he knows. Can child custody agreements be formally worked out with stepparents?

Jul 24, 2011


My ex-wife and kids have moved to another state and we do not have a parenting plan in place to allow for my parenting time.

Without a court-ordered plan in place granting me visitation rights, my ex-wife is refusing to let me visit the kids and sometimes won't even let me talk to them.

How can I get a visitation plan in place if my children live in another state?

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