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Nov 29, 1999


My son fathered a child who resides in Missouri. He does not have visitation rights, but pays child support. I was told by the mother of the child that I could be involved as a grandparent. Since then, the mother has decided she is not going to allow me to see my granddaughter. What rights do I have?


Every state will have different laws regarding grandparent visitation. I must advise you that I am not licensed in Missouri. I recommend that you contact an attorney in Missouri to determine the status of their grandparent visitation laws. If your state recognizes grandparent visitation, it is unlikely that they are automatically granted. Generally, they will look at what is in the best interest of the child. The court will be interested in your history with the child. Did you have regular contact with the child that was stopped for no reason? Has a bond been established with the child?

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