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Nov 11, 2011

protecting fathers rightsJudith Sandalow is the executive director of the Children's Law Center, which provides legal services on behalf of at-risk children and their families.

She recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of two fathers against the District of Columbia and a child welfare agency alleging infringement on the rights of children and their parents - who live outside of D.C. - to live together.

These fathers were denied access to their children even though their kids were removed from their mothers' care because of neglect and put in foster care.

Sandalow talked with editor Matt Allen about this lawsuit and why these fathers rights were ignored.

Oct 27, 2011

advice on divorceQuestion:

I do not have child custody of my son and for a variety of reasons have not seen him in six years.

I am gravely ill and want to have a relationship with him before I die so he knows I am his father and I always loved him.

How can I force his mother to allow me to see him and form a father-son bond that we never had because of unfair child custody laws?

Oct 05, 2011

divorce mythsBy Julie Garrison

Special to

Society needs to be educated on the necessity of shared parenting and the innumerable benefits it affords to children.

If not, children will continue to be denied the foundation of an equal relationship with both of their parents.

There are longstanding attitudes about shared parenting that have influenced the public and the present family law system. Most of these attitudes are fiction and need to be debunked.

Oct 04, 2011

parenting divorceBy Julie Garrison

Special to

In today's family law landscape, the concept of shared parenting stands out as a tare amidst an otherwise orderly countryside.

This is because the courts have been influenced by the longstanding attitude that shared parenting is not a beneficial joint child custody arrangement.

What roles do mothers and fathers play when it comes to shared parenting?

Sep 10, 2011

Question:Kevin Mammola Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Per our child custody agreements, I share joint legal custody with my ex-wife though she has primary physical child custody.

She has been hospitalized for weeks about 3 hours from where I live. Her husband - my child's stepfather - is refusing to let me come take my child so that he can live with me while his mother is recovering in the hospital.

Can my child be kept away from me by his stepdad because it's technically not my parenting time even though the mother is in the hospital unable to care for the child?

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