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Jul 20, 2009


I am carrying insurance on my son as was ordered in my divorce decree. If his mother takes him to a doctor that is not a provider listed in my insurance plan, do I still have to pay the co-pay and the bill?




Jul 17, 2009


Financially, when does the separation officially occur? Is it the date of filing for divorce?

My wife recently filed for divorce. About two months after filing, she then wrecked the car and was charged with a DUI. Am I responsible for her legal bills?


Jul 17, 2009


I am a legal resident of the United States of America and I have a 3 year old daughter currently living in Mexico. The mother has informed me that she can no longer take care of our daughter and gave me full custody of her.

I need to bring her to the United States, but I am afraid for her safety. Can I just bring my daughter to live with me in the US, or is there a process for this?


Jul 16, 2009

 "We can engineer family law as a system for a particular outcome. What we have now is an outcome that creates deficits in children for no good reason, by removing parents from kids' lives for no good reason."


Jul 14, 2009


My step daughter wants to live with her father and me, but the mother says absolutely not. She is 12 years of age and has terrible grades. What is the best way to begin our fight for custody, or is it a waste of time/money? We think we can make a difference in her future for the better.



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