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Oct 04, 2010

By Rachel A. Brucks

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

Child support is one of the most frequently asked about topics when it comes to divorce. Particularly in this economy, divorced dads want to know if they will have to pay more child support if their ex-wife or their ex's new husband is unemployed and needs to find supplemental income.

So if your ex-wife's husband loses his job, can she request more child support from you based on her new spouse's drop in income? Whose income is child support based off of anyway?

Nov 29, 1999


I was divorced in the State of Georgia last year, and my wife lives there with our 6 year old child. I am getting remarried shortly and am wondering if my second wife's income will affect my child support payments. Can my ex-wife get more child support because of my second wife's income? Is there any way to protect my second wife's assets?


I am not currently licensed in the State of Georgia so I cannot answer your question specifically to the laws of that State. Generally the income and assets of your present spouse should not affect child support. In my jurisdiction the income can be considered, but is not included in the calculation. The consideration is usually only an issue if the parent that remarried quit or reduced their income because their new spouse is supporting them.

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