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Jan 22, 2010

Question: I am writing for my father. He is currently in the hospital due to surgery. My mother (his wife of almost 40 years) left him four days before his surgery. She has not worked for almost 16 years so my Dad has been supporting her. 

They live in a house that my sister owns and my father has been helping to pay the house payment. My mother is already making a list of items that she says are hers, but she did not purchase with her own money.

What legal right does my father have? He has a monthly retirement check that he gets at the beginning of the month that she spends within a two-week period. My sisters and I are in our thirties so there are no custody concerns, it's just financial. Please give me an idea of what he should do first.


Jan 21, 2010

Question: My wife and I are recently separated. She moved home with her parents, and I still live in my house. The house is in my name, and I bought it before we got married. 

Since our separation, she has come in and started taking things out of the house that either was hers before the marriage or we both bought or received as a gift during the marriage. Recently without my knowledge she took out a large sum of money from our joint checking account. Because of this, I changed the locks on the house so that she could not get anything else or do anything to the house. 

She is saying that it is her house legally as well, and she can come and go as she pleases, and if the locks are changed, she will have a sheriff break down the door. Can she do that? Is she legally part owner of this house now?

Jan 20, 2010

Question: I left my husband, marriage and marital home two years ago. I received a letter from my husband’s attorney that he filed for divorce and wanted everything. However, I sought legal counsel before leaving my husband that informed me I was entitled to half the increased value in the home, which we had remodeled and now has a mortgage on. The mortgage is in my husband’s name. I sent a pro se response to his attorney and the courts, requesting $50,000 because the house is currently appraised at $250,000 and we bought it for $104,000). 

My husband informed me that I'm also responsible for half the debt. Can he be forced to sell the house to pay off the debt if he wants to go that route? He has also signed a gas lease on the property since I left, but while still married to me. Shouldn’t I be able to have a claim to the lease since it was acquired during our marriage?

Jan 20, 2010


I am thinking about getting a divorce. We have been married for three years. All that I want is joint custody and to not pay alimony. We do not have any shared property, meaning every thing that we own is either in my name or her name.

What is the best way to go about this? Is there any way some of our property can be deemed shared property even though we have nothing in both of our names?


Jan 16, 2010

Question: I have a piece of property in North Carolina that was deeded to myself, two sisters, and two cousins from my grandmother. My wife’s name is not on the deed. 

My wife and I have been married for 27 years and she left me in July. I don't want the property to get in the divorce proceedings so I want to transfer my rights to the property to my sister who is already on the property. 

Can I do this? Transfer property before the proceedings and then have it transferred back to me after the divorce is final?


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