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Feb 07, 2012

tax tipsBy Jennifer M. Paine

Michigan Divorce Lawyer

Your tax filing status, for most filers, is determined on December 31. If you were still married on that day, then you and your spouse can file a return with the status "married, filing jointly."

This is true even if your divorce began before the end of the year and even if you are living separately and have not relied upon each other's income.

Dec 06, 2011

Question:Colorado Divorce Attorney

Per our divorce property division agreement, my wife was to receive all the proceeds from the sale of the marital home while I retained my entire stake in my small business.

Because of the economy we made no money on the sale of the marital home, thus she received no income from the sale.

Now she claims she can force me to pay her half of the value of my small business to make up for her not receiving proceeds from the sale.

Can she do this?

Dec 05, 2011

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

I need financial advice on divorce on how to protect my assets and 401k.

I think we are heading to divorce, and I assume I am going to need all the extra money I can to afford the best divorce lawyer. I was considering stopping my contributions to my 401k for the time being.

Should I stop putting money in my 401(k) account in order to free up additional cash and to keep my wife from getting an even larger share of my retirement account?

Nov 23, 2011

Houston Divorce LawyerQuestion:

I would like to know whether I have a chance to successfully file a motion to reduce or eliminate my child support.

I very reluctantly agreed to the high child support in mediation over two years ago because I did not want to see her or my children suffer financially even though we have split 50-50 custody.

She never got a job, which the decree said she would, and she remarried yet I am still paying a child support amount higher than the guideline suggests.

Do I have a chance at getting a child support modification?

Jul 27, 2011

oklahoma city divorce lawyerQuestion:

I'm looking for financial advice on divorce on child support laws.

I recently took a job with a higher paying salary that my ex-wife does not know about. I already pay her child support, alimony, child care costs, etc., and the increased income is not very substantial.

Do I have to voluntarily notify her and disclose my increased salary?

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