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Jun 09, 2011

marital homeBy Julie Garrison

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There is way more to sort through when getting divorced than most couples are prepared to deal with: child custody, alimony, who is going to move out (divorce tip for men: don’t move out!), etc. 

Even more perplexing is what to do with the marital home.

For many divorcing couples, the house, which was once their greatest financial asset, has become their biggest liability. A couple who purchased their home at the peak of the housing boom is now saddled with a house that is worth less than what they owe on it. 

So couples are looking for financial advice on divorce and wondering what are the available options for dealing with the marital home?

Apr 18, 2011

By Marty Woodrome

Mortgage Loan Originator

In my work as a mortgage loan originator, I am often called upon to provide financing to clients who are obtaining a mortgage as a means of bringing their divorce proceedings to settlement.  

As you are fully aware, if a couple has been together for a while and property has been amassed during their marriage, a mortgage is often required.marital property mortgage

Some clients require a refinance loan to free their capital so that they can offer the other spouse a cash settlement. In other instances, sale of the property is required and securing financing quickly for the new purchasers is helpful.

Here are answers to four common mortgage questions that divorced men often ask.

  • Can I call my mortgage lender to have my name taken off the home loan?
  • How much of my home’s value will I be able to borrow if I owe my spouse part of the equity?
  • If my name is still on the mortgage and my spouse is responsible for the payment per the divorce decree, will it affect my credit if a payment is missed?
  • Can I qualify for a new mortgage if my name is still on my old loan?

Apr 13, 2011


I refinanced the marital home five years ago to pay off my wife in our divorce. There was a balance left, and we agreed to wait five years and either refinance or sell the home to pay the balance.

The value of the house dropped substantially, and there is no equity left. Can I insist she wait until the value of the home recovers before selling or refinancing?

Feb 25, 2011

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

My wife was awarded the marital home so the title is now in her name, but the mortgage is still in both of our names. So I have this mortgage liability yet no rights to the asset.

I can't buy a car or get myself a mortgage because her mortgage is still in my name. Do I have to wait until her mortgage is paid off or for her to refinance in order to no longer have this mortgage follow me around?

Would I be liable if she defaults on the mortgage?

Feb 25, 2011

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

Before I got engaged, I made a down payment on a piece of property that I built my house on. During the time the house was being built, my wife and I married before closing on the home.

The home is in both of our names, but the loan is only in my name.

Does she have any rights to the money I put up as down payment on the property before we were married?

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