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Feb 07, 2011

By Rachel D.S. Schmidt

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

When Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Civil Union Act in January, Illinois joined about a dozen other states in providing legal protection to same-sex couples.

The bill allows for civil unions defined as a "legal relationship" between two persons of either the same or opposite sex. Civil unions give same-sex couples many of the same rights traditional married couples receive from their state.

However, not all states recognize civil unions and the federal government currently does not recognize civil unions either.

Jun 23, 2010

Through's popular Ask a Divorce Lawyer feature, divorce attorneys from Cordell & Cordell answer dozens of questions submitted by our readers each day.

One aspect of divorce that we are receiving more inquiries about is whether sexual preference may affect a gay man's rights to his children. 

The situations are similar. A married man with kids admits to himself he is gay. He wants to tell his wife and get a divorce, but he wants to understand his rights in advance.

Cordell & Cordell attorney Jennifer Paine answers the question: Will my sexual preference affect my ability to gain custody of my children?


Nov 29, 1999


My wife requested a divorce in September on the grounds that she is gay. The seperation agreement indicates that alimony stops if she cohabitates with another man as if they were married; a situation highly unlikely to occur given her sexual orientation. Should she enter into a long term relationship with another woman could that be grounds for stopping alimony?


I cannot answer your question specifically to the laws of South Carolina as I am not licensed in that State. This issue would be very State specific. I do not believe many jurisdictions have addressed this issue. Generally I would believe if the cohabitation in a heterosexual relationship would terminate the maintenance the same should apply to a homosexual relationship. The issue with the cohabitation would be the reduction of your ex-wife's expenses. That would not matter if a boyfriend or girlfriend were helping pick up the expenses.

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