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Jan 17, 2013

Pittsburgh divorce lawyer Anna CiardiQuestion:

I recently landed a second job that is only a couple hours a week just so I can have some spending cash due to child support payments leaving me financially strained.

However, I received a letter from my state's child support office that they need to set up a deduction from my paychecks with my new employer that will take out the same amount of child support payments that are already being deducted from the full-time job's paycheck.

What do I need to do to get this fixed?

Sep 12, 2012

Pittsburgh divorce lawyer Anna CiardiQuestion:

My ex-wife owes me back child support, and I would like to know my enforcement options, including the possibility of a wage garnishment even though she is self-employed.

She has offered to set up a modified payment plan, but that offer would take years just to pay off the debt she already owes not even counting the recurring monthly obligations.

Do I have to accept this plan? Is there a way to garnish her wages if she is self-employed?

Aug 24, 2012

New Jersey divorce lawyerQuestion:

I was just served papers to appear in court due to alleged child support arrears. 

I have proof for the child support office that they payments they claim I missed were paid directly to my ex-wife before the wage garnishment was implemented.

Would all I have to do is establish proof to the child support enforcement agency that these payments were made? What type of evidence is needed?

May 21, 2012

St. Louis divorce lawyerQuestion:

My older child graduated high school and is joining the military so how do I modify child support to account for my other minor child?

My ex-wife is not contesting this and we agree that I should pay 50 percent of my current child support amount since we now have one minor child rather than two.

How do I go about a child support modification since the support is paid through the state and garnished from my paycheck?

Apr 24, 2012

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

When I was employed and paying into FICA out of each paycheck, I also paid a child support arrears garnishment from the same gross earnings.

I am now disabled and receive RSDI benefits that come from my FICA account. The state is now garnishing my RSDI benefits even though the money that is in my FICA account has already been garnished under the exact same case number.

Wouldn't that be considered duplicative wage garnishment?

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