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Jun 02, 2010

Attorney Brad CunninghamQuestion:

I am not currently receiving military disability but it is at the board awaiting final approval. When filling out the divorce papers, my spouse asked me about my disability payments from the military. Do I have to legally disclose this amount when a decision is reached as I was told that I do not have to tell anyone what it is?


Jun 01, 2010

Question:ask a divorce lawyer

I need some legal advice on divorce. My divorce case has dragged on for four years. My wife is stalling the case (not showing up, not bringing the correct forms, etc.) The court has been very lenient with her, just setting another court date. I'm engaged to be married now and I want to be bifurcated so I can move on and get married and continue these dragged out court proceedings to end my marriage. How do I do this?


May 12, 2010

Question:ask a divorce lawyer

What is the definition of "financial misconduct"and how do you prove it?

I'm in the divorce process and my wife lets her daughter have free reign of her credit card and does nothing to curtail spending only telling me about it after the fact. Does personal conduct play a factor in the division of property?

May 05, 2010

Question:ask a divorce lawyer

In our divorce decree I agreed for my ex-wife to take our two children to live in another state across the country. I thought with her family there the kids would be better off. In addition, I was depressed from the divorce and the ex put an order of protection on me which has expired.

I now am ready to move back to the state they currently live in and where my whole family also lives so I can be closer to my kids. Is there anything I have to file with the courts since I will be moving?


May 05, 2010

Question:ask a divorce lawyer

Per the divorce decree I am to sell the marital home my ex-wife and I own. Everyone has signed the contract, including her, but now she says she won't sign at closing. What can I do? Can I force her to sign?


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