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Dec 09, 2011

Michigan divorce lawyerQuestion:

Is my ex-wife allowed to arrange a third party to look after our child during her parenting time when I am available?

During the upcoming Winter Break, my ex is going on vacation during her parenting time and told me our child is staying with someone else instead of me.

Don't I have a right of first refusal in having my child stay with me when my ex-wife can't exercise her parenting time?

Nov 05, 2011

Michigan divorce lawyerQuestion:

Do child support laws outline what funds are to be used to pay child support?

My brother is extremely wealthy and has been giving me several thousand dollars a month because I am unemployed.

My soon-to-be-ex-wife is threatening to make me brother pay for my child support obligations since I am broke without him giving me money. Can she do that?

Oct 16, 2011

Michigan divorce lawyerQuestion:

Can my wife receiver rights to my intellectual property through property division?

I hold copyrights on several books I've written prior to my marriage and have copyrights on some materials written during my marriage.

Is intellectual property considered marital property? If so, can I transfer copyright ownership to a trust to prevent this?

Sep 25, 2011

Michigan divorce lawyerQuestion:

My wife and I recently finalized the adoption of our daughter, though it appears we are headed for divorce so I would like information on child custody laws.

She informed me she lied numerous times on the adoption application and during the home visits from a social worker.

Could I be held liable for any of this as we move forward with a divorce? Can I use her lies against her in our divorce and child custody case?

Sep 17, 2011

Michigan divorce lawyerQuestion:

What counts as income for child support? I recently moved into military housing and began receiving Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

My ex hasn't worked in four years yet suddenly I receive an increase in my child support payments simply because I moved into military housing.

Is the BAH I receive considered income for purposes of calculating child support?

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