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Jun 12, 2014

image father's day

By Katie Davis

Father's Day in post-divorce years can be tough, particularly if the divorce happened fairly recently. 

Jun 11, 2014

Recently, a number of different attorneys and partners with the DadsDivorce sponsor, Cordell & Cordell, wished all dads a "Happy Father's Day" in 2014.

Attorneys from different Cordell & Cordell offices across the country submitted their own unique Father's Day wishes, and a handful of them were put into this themed and well-wishing video below.

Enjoy this video, and listen to the attorneys' best wishes during this 2014 Father's Day week.

Jun 09, 2014

Question:caroline thompson attorney pennsylvania

In the original divorce decree, the agreement between my ex and I was that I would give her the house. The hope was that this would keep our kids in a familiar environment.

However, she never sold the house and never took it out of my name. After a year of sporadic mortgage payments on her end, she realized she couldn't afford the mortgage. 

I have now moved back into the house and taken over payments, but what do I need to do to get the house legally back under my name?

Jan 29, 2014

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

Can a father petition the courts for custody of his children even if he is an illegal alien?

The kids are living with an abusive mother, but the father is unsure if he has rights since he is illegal.

Jan 20, 2014

fathers rights billsBy Julie Garrison

Special to

State legislatures begin during the first or second week of January and continue until sometime in the summer. 

Some of the 2013 fathers' rights bills did not make it through the circuitous legislative process, depending upon the state and the bill. Many of these will be resumed and completed in 2014.

Here are a few of the dad-friendly bills to be decided in 2014:

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