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Jun 23, 2009

by Matt Krough for

Reading the news today, it’s apparent that Americans are “tightening their belts,” “making do” and “scraping by,” or any of the other euphemisms used to describe these hard times. Worse than the Great Depression? Well, the landscape isn’t littered with millions of people migrating from their dust covered homes to tent cities in California...but money is getting tighter, especially for single parents or parents going through a divorce.

As a divorced father, the good news for you is belt tightening doesn’t have to compromise your quality of life. In fact, it might increase it.

Nov 29, 1999


I had an affair which resulted in a pregnancy. I want to know what the chances of me obtaining custody are in the state of Maine. She is an atrocious housekeeper who I have been tempted to call DHHS on multiple time due to the mess. She has also gone to work at nite and left her other kids (10, 8) at home by themselves for the evening. She spends all her free time in bed sleeping such that her other kids complain about it. Their diet is predominantly fast food. I have serious concerns about a child of mine being raised in this environment. Any suggestions?


Allow me to preface my answer to your question with the disclaimer that I am not licensed to practice law in the state of Maine. It come down to what is in the best interests in your child. The care of the children is very important. That is one of the factors that the court will look at. Also how much time have you been spending with the child? Also have you been involved in the decision making? That is also key.

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