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Jul 09, 2014

Question:elisabeth flemming attorney nevada

My husband and the mother of his child have a parenting plan. The child is three years old and goes to daycare.

When it is my husband's parenting time, it is often more convenient for me (the new wife) to pick up the child because I work closer to the daycare than he does. However, his ex prohibits us from doing this and claims she has the right of first refusal.

Is she correct? Is there anything we can do to modify or change this?

Dec 26, 2013

Albany divorce lawyer Asa NeffQuestion:

My wife and I our separated and she wants me to pay child support in addition to the expensive daycare costs I cover.

Do I need to pay child support and daycare before we file for divorce? Right now we have roughly equal amounts of time with our child.

Dec 04, 2013

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

I pay a fixed monthly child support amount along with 75% of child care expenses incurred for work-related purposes.

My ex recently informed me that she's taking the kids to daycare an additional day each week to work a side job.

Can I contest the fact that daycare is being used outside her normal work schedule at an assumed side job? Doesn't she need to prove that she is in fact working and not just out drinking all day?

Jul 23, 2013

divorce lawyer Kirsten ReneauQuestion:

My ex-wife has offered to watch the children during the day while I’m at work, but she wants to charge me for her providing "daycare, food, and activities" for the children.

I think it is unreasonable to pay her to watch her own children in addition to the child support I pay.

Can she make me pay her for her time watching the kids as a form of "daycare" expenses?

May 14, 2013

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

This is the exact reading of my child custody agreement with my children's mother.

"Plaintiff and Defendant shall each have first right of refusal regarding childcare for the minor children if care is needed for one hour or more and such shall take priority over a boyfriend/girlfriend or future spouse providing care for any of the minor children."

So am I required under the first right of refusal provision to give the children to my ex-wife in the event that I have the ability to be with my children, but one of them attends a birthday party or activity with a relative like going to the park if I will not be there?

It is my understanding that it applies only in cases where I would need child care, not for them to be able to do something with a friend or family member.

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