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Providing men with essential divorce advice, fathers' rights divorce information and child custody articles. Dads Divorce is a community for men facing divorce or fathers' rights issues and run by Cordell and Cordell. Cordell & Cordell is a family law firm with a focus on men's divorce, child custody and fathers' rights divorce.
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Dec 04, 2008

Cordell & Cordell, PC attorney, Dan Cuneo discusses questions posed to DadsDivorce.

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Nov 27, 2008

DadDivorce LIVE host, Dan Cuneo speaks to Steve Ashley, founder of the Divorced Fathers Network about the organization that aims at creating supportive relationships between former spouses because research shows that co-parenting provides children with the best chance to be successful adults. The Network was started in 1988 by Steve Ashley, and has grown steadily ever since.

Nov 10, 2008

Cordell & Cordell, PC attorneys, Dan Cuneo and Heather Biagi discuss answers to questions sent in by visitors to

Visit the Ask A Lawyer section of the site and send in your questions pertaining to family law. 


May 12, 2008
Last month, attorneys from Illinois and Missouri gathered in St. Louis to review and learn updated information about how to most effectively practice family law. The 8th Annual Domestic Litigation Forum was hosted by St. Louis-based family law firm Cordell & Cordell, PC. “You can be sure that the work our attorneys put into these presentations reflects their dedication to achieving expertise in their field,” Cordell & Cordell PC Co-founder, Joseph Cordell, explained. “Our attorneys inhabit this realm of intricate family law every day. Assembling these presentations and leading these discussions among their peers both reflects and increases their expertise in this area. We know that by offering these free forums we are both expanding the knowledge base in the industry and increasing the knowledge base within our firm as we add to the understanding in the law community of the best ways to practice family law.”
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