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Jan 07, 2009

by Michael “Your Plan of A-Tax” Isenhart, E.A.

Will you still be able to claim your child as a dependent for 2009 and forward?  Did you know that final regulations going into effect this year that allow the revocation of a child exemption granted to you in a previous year?  Are you aware that beginning January 1, 2009 there is only one best way to ensure the tax deduction for your child remains valid going forward?

Jan 01, 2009

Divorce attorney, Dan Cuneo, JD (Cordell & Cordell, PC) answers your "Ask A Lawyer" questions.

I thought my child support payments were supposed to go toward supporting my child...


Dec 31, 2008

Imagine receiving the message that your ex has taken a job or met someone far away, and that she will be taking your children with her. 

What can you do? Don't you have a right to meaningful, continuing contact with your children without having to uproot your entire life? What is the proper way to ensure that you will have the access guaranteed to you?

This edition of DadsDivorce Live features Cordell & Cordell, PC attorneys Richard Coffee and Dan Cuneo discussing the best ways to deal with the issue of relocation when it affects you and your children.

Dec 25, 2008
DadDivorce LIVE host, Dan Cuneo speaks to Sue Varon of, one of a new breed of websites springing up to provide resources to those who have gone through divorce.
SupportCertain describes itself as "the peaceful way to pay," allowing those who have recurring child support and alimony payments to make them and receive them while avoiding conflict and actually reaping many additional benefits such as Credit Card points. Read on to find out more about what support certain has to offer to anyone in a potentially difficult child support or maintenance situation.


Dec 18, 2008

Divorce attorney, Dan Cuneo, JD (Cordell & Cordell, PC) answers your "Ask A Lawyer" questions.

How will the courts deal with the awarding of maintenance when one of the main reasons for the divorce was an affair?

What if she refuses to work? How can you prove if she is able to earn her own living and how much she is expected to be making?


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