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Jun 12, 2014

image father's day

By Katie Davis

Father's Day in post-divorce years can be tough, particularly if the divorce happened fairly recently. 

Apr 18, 2014

kids need dads

By Katie Davis

Spring has arrived, and you may be one of the dads that gets to have his kids this holiday weekend. Some families will be celebrating Easter, and others will just be spending quality time together.

Dec 03, 2013

pittsburgh divorce lawyer jana palkoQuestion:

If a mother has the children 17 days out of the month and the father has the children 13 days of the month, is this considered "shared" custody?

Nov 18, 2013

Baltimore Maryland divorce lawyerQuestion:

My wife moved out of the marital home with our children and is trying to enroll them in another school.

We have talked about divorce before, but no one has filed yet so there are no custody or temporary orders in place.

Do I have the right to keep custody of the kids and keep them in the school they have been attending for years?

Nov 13, 2013

Pittsburgh divorce lawyer Anna CiardiQuestion:

My wife and I are going through a divorce and she is pregnant. I want joint custody of our unborn child.

How old does the child have to be for me to seek joint custody? Is it possible for a father to have custody of a newborn child?

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