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May 11, 2010

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May 10, 2010

Attorney Jason HopperQuestion:

My fiancé's ex wife is trying to stop me from being around his children, especially if I spend the night while he has the children though we do not sleep in the same bed. Can a judge really order me to not be around his kids or spend overnights with him when the children are present? I'm about to be their stepmom!

May 10, 2010

Attorney Jason HopperQuestion:

My ex-wife has become romantically involved with another man who has proposed to her. This guy has also been purchasing items for my three kids when they are with my ex-wife. Does this action allow me to seek child support from her? The divorce decree states that neither party is responsible for child support, but since my ex is now spending less and less of her own money on the kids because of the new man in her life, does this give me any substance for pursuing child support from her?

May 10, 2010

Question:Samuel Sanchez divorce lawyer

According to my husband and his ex-wife's divorce decree, she is awarded a set dollar amount for child support instead of a percentage of his earnings. Well he just got a new job with a higher income and now she says her lawyer is drawing up papers in order to get a full 20% of his net income, and that if he refuses to sign them she will take him to court.

However, my husband is in the military and being deployed overseas very soon. Are we legally obligated to do anything with this paperwork before he gets deployed, and if so, is there any way to postpone it until he gets back?


May 09, 2010

By JoAnne C. Holt,  Divorce financial analyst

First, please know all states have their own unique divorce statutes and case law that influence the outcome of a divorce.  As those statutes and case laws change over time so do the results. 

Most states operate under the "Equitable Distribution" concept as opposed to the "Community Property" states.  Part of either of these approaches to dividing assets is the recognition of separate or non-marital property. This can take the form of "pre-marital" property or "non-marital property."  The importance of these types of property is the ability to exclude them from division of the "Marital Property," often referred to as the Marital Estate.

More and more couples are entering into Prenuptial (a.k.a. Antenuptial) Agreements to attempt to define and protect pre-marital assets and keep them outside of the marital assets in order to protect them if a divorce occurs.  

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