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Dec 13, 2009

Question: I am raising my daughter as the custodial parent, and her father had her every 1st and 3rd weekend for visitation. I recently won full custody of my daughter and her father cannot see her at all now. He has tried to call or go to her school. I gave the school a copy of the first page regarding the Plantiff and the Respondent, signatures, file number of the case, as well as the single page where the Judge says that he is to have no contact with his daughter.

The school she attends wants to know why he lost shared visitation. I feel it isn't necessary to show them the entire document because there are some personal and negative issues regarding her father that they shouldn't be allowed to read. It doesn't mention anything in those specific pages about my daughter, only his issues and why he lost shared visitation. They are now demanding the entire document.

Do I have to give them the entire document, even though I've given them the single page information signed by the Judge and the first page of the document, regarding our daughter?


Dec 02, 2009

Question: I was divorced in July of this year. We were given joint custody of our two minor children but if either one of us moves out of our county, the non-moving party will become the primary custodian of the minor children and the joint custody arrangement shall be extinguished. This is what the decree says but the police say they will not stop my ex-wife from taking her (our) children out of state.  My question is how can I get some backup from the police to enforce my divorce decree?



Jul 09, 2009

 "You're fostering a starting point that says, 'One parent is going to be a loser and one is going to be a winner. One is going to be marginalized and diminished in the eyes of a child. One is going to be magnified and empowered in the eyes of that child.'"


Jul 03, 2009


Can you explain the difference between the various child support strategies. I am from a state that I believe uses the "shared income" model.

In my situation it seems that even though my ex has "residential" status I would be awarded child support based upon 50/50 and the large disparity in our incomes.


Mar 20, 2009


8 Year ago a married a women that I later found out was in the country illegally, regardless of her status we loved each other and later had a girl (now7) in addition to her son (now11). She was later arrested and deported to Mexico, after 3 years of immigration loops, we separated and I now want a divorce, She has threatened to take the kids to Mexico if I divorce her, since she needs me to enter the US. At this time she is not allowed in the US.

If I file for divorce can she custody for the kids in Mexico although they are US citizens?

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