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Feb 04, 2010

Question: It may seem like an obvious question, but if someone is awarded full custody of a child, does the other parent have any visitation rights?


Jan 31, 2010


After child support obligation ends and a final judgment has been made, do the arrearages become collectible by my child or does the custodial parent still retain collection?

Jan 23, 2010


Can it be stipulated that the custodial parent not move away from the non-custodial parent after the divorce?




Jan 16, 2010

Question: I am the primary custodian of my 13-year-old son. He wants to stay with me full time because his mother takes her anger out on him because she's mad at me. 

She also threatens him that her stepfather will spank him. Could I get full custody based on his age and the other issues she takes out on him?


Jan 08, 2010

Question: Seven years ago, I got divorced in Illinois and was named the custodial parent of my children. Since then, I have moved to Texas. 

Now, 7 years after the fact, my ex suddenly is filing a request to take the kids away from me. There has been no wrongdoing on my part, I don’t have a criminal record or anything, and I’m recently married with a very happy, intact family. 

Is there any chance she can swoop in 7 years later and take my kids?


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