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Jan 24, 2010

Question: My husband owes back child support in Texas for his two children who are now over 21 years old. 

The problem is while he’s trying to pay off the back child support, they keep adding interest on top of his remaining balance. So the interest just keeps piling up and piling up as he’s struggling to make any sort of payments. 

At this rate, he’ll never be able to pay this debt off. Is there anything we can do?


Jan 19, 2010


I am 30 years old. My mother and stepfather have been married for over 15 years. Recently, my stepfather found out that he has a daughter who is 19 from a girlfriend he had back in high school. The girlfriend never told my stepfather about his daughter, but he found out because the girl researched her biological father and found him when she turned 18. We are waiting confirmation of a paternity test.

My questions are:

1.) Is there a possibility that he may owe 19 years of back child support?

2.) If my stepfather and mother do not have a will in place, where do their belongings default to when they pass? Will this daughter, or the mother from the other relationship, have claim to any of their assets?


Jan 12, 2010

Question: My husband was not married to his daughter’s mother. Their child is now 20 years old, and he has always paid his child support. 

In 2008, after the daughter was 18, my husband’s ex filed a complaint with the court that he did not pay what should have been paid claiming that he lied about his income. She knew how much he made because they did a refinance of his home in 2005. 

My husband’s appeal dates have past and it seems that the judges don't care about him and what he has done for his child. Now it seems like my husband may lose his entire 401(k) because the mother feels she can get away with lies and because she knows the court system because she was a paralegal. 

Can you tell us what to do?

Jan 06, 2010

Question: The state of Michigan claims that I owe over $32,000 in back child support. I actually owe my ex $8,000. At this rate of owing them, I would have had to start paying child support three years before my children were born. The statute of limitations runs out next year. What do I need to do to get this taken off after the limitations runs out?


Dec 08, 2009

Surcharges in Michigan have led to an increase in parents falling behind on their child support payments and many are looking to change the state’s regulations.

All told there is over $9 billion in back child support owed in Michigan affecting more than 600,000 children, according to an article in The Detroit News. That’s about two-thirds of all child support cases in the state, the paper said.

Enacted in 1996 to encourage parents not to skip the payments, the surcharges assessed to delinquent payers are instead driving more parents into a steep financial hole, said Jennifer M. Paine, a Detroit-based family law attorney with domestic litigation firm Cordell & Cordell.

Paine said the surcharge, which is applied twice a year, has become punitive, unnecessarily punishing parents who simply don’t have the means to pay.


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