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Feb 23, 2012

St. Louis divorce lawyerQuestion:

I owe a substantial amount in child support arrears and am worried I will be thrown in jail.

The state is preparing to take away my driver’s license and my professional licenses, which will leave me unable to drive or work and result in jail time. This only makes the problem worse!

What can I do to prevent the state from taking these actions and forcing me into falling even further behind on child support?

Feb 11, 2012

Noblesville Indiana Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My question is about child support and paternity laws.

Paternity was established and I have been deemed the father of a son I did not know about for many years. I have also been ordered to pay child support.

I have two children with my current wife and this recent child support order is too high to properly care for my current family and the son I did not know about until last year.

What can I do to modify child support so that I can protect my current family from financial ruin?

Feb 09, 2012

advice on divorceQuestion:

I tried to modify child support after I lost my job, but the judge denied it saying I lost my job based on my own conduct, which is untrue because I'm collecting unemployment.

I then tried another child support modification based on the fact that my health insurance increased significantly. However, the judge found that I have not raised any change in circumstances. It appears because this judge incorrectly thinks I lost my job based on my own conduct that I cannot get child support modified for any reason.

I have just finally found another job, but it pays significantly less, so I would again like to pursue a support modification.

What must I do so that any time I go in to court for a change in circumstance modification, the judge will not keep going back to his decision that I lost my first job based on my behavior?

Feb 02, 2012

Houston Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My child support questions is regarding my new new job that will require me to miss periods of parenting time with my children over the coming year.

My ex-wife says that she can modify my child support to increase my child support since she will have more parenting time.

Am I required to pay any additional money if I do not see my kids on the weekend that I am scheduled?

Also, I would like to modify my divorce order so that we split transportation so that I do not have to both drop off and pick up the kids during every visitation. Is that possible?

Feb 02, 2012

child support retirementBy Daniel Exner

Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

If you are paying child support and your ex-wife retires, will you have to pay more child support because her income is lower?

The general answer to this common child support question will depend on your current child custody schedule and the recipient spouse's reasons for retiring.

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