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Dec 07, 2011

Utah divorce lawyerQuestion:

Will the courts lower my child support if I voluntarily chose to accept a job with lower pay?

I would like to return to the profession I worked in prior to my marriage that I really enjoyed, but it would come at a substantial decrease in pay for at least a few years.

Would the divorce court be likely to adjust my child support amount to reflect the decreased income or would it be viewed as an elective decision to take a lesser paying job?

Dec 05, 2011

Question:Colorado Divorce Attorney

My child support question is about wage garnishment. I have a monthly child support obligation that I have never failed to meet.

Recently I switched from writing checks to paying electronically, and now my is refusing to accept the electronic checks. So the child support enforcement agency is now garnishing my wages and treating me like a deadbeat.

How can this be? Can they garnish wages simply because my ex is refusing to cash the child support payment via electronic check?

Dec 02, 2011

St. Louis divorce lawyerQuestion:

My divorce question is about modifying child support while temporarily out of work.

I was recently diagnosed with depression from my divorce and was placed on short term disability leave with a huge cut in my salary.

Can I reduce my child support payments until I am working full-time again? If I file for a modification, will it just be increased again once I'm back working?

Nov 28, 2011

Houston Divorce LawyerQuestion:

I am finishing up my military duties and am looking to adjust my child support.

Once I leave the military, I will be returning to school full time in order to finish my college education.

How do I go about modifying child support to reflect my new situation of being out of the military and a full-time student?

Nov 26, 2011

St. Louis divorce lawyerQuestion:

I pay child support for a child I had with a woman I briefly dated.

When a paternity test revealed I was the father I stepped up and took on the responsibilities as a dad.

With it came an order for child support that takes away almost half of my monthly income, which already was small to begin with.

If I were to take this back to court for a child support modification, would there be a good chance that my payments would be reduced?

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