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Apr 14, 2014

child support collectionBy Julie Garrison

In the State of  California, a noncustodial dad making $3,000 a month may have to pay nearly half of what he makes in court-ordered support for his three children.  In other states, the scenario is similar. 

The payment amount is based on each parent's income and the amount of time he or she spends with the children. Other factors taken into consideration are the needs of each child including health insurance, special needs, daycare and education. The income and needs of the custodial parent are factored into the calculations in addition to the paying parent’s ability to pay and the children’s standard of living before the parents separated and divorced.

Jun 10, 2013

child support modification factorsChild Support Question:

What are the child support modification factors a court will consider?

I was ordered to pay child support, but I spend significantly more time with my children since the order was entered because my work schedule has changed.

Jun 05, 2013

divorce lawyer Andrew LaufersQuestion:

When child support is modified which party is responsible to notify the agency?

How is the modification information transferred from the court to the correct agency?

May 03, 2013

divorce lawyer Maura BoogayQuestion:

My child support payments were recently terminated after a child custody modification that increased my parenting time resulting in shared 50/50 physical custody.

I would like to receive child support from my ex-wife because she makes more money than me and I will have increased child rearing costs with more parenting time.

Am I able to file for child support in this situation?

Mar 06, 2013

georgia divorce lawyerQuestion:

Our parenting time schedules and our incomes have not changed since the time our divorce decree was entered.

At the time of the divorce, even though we had an even amount of parenting time, I was ordered to pay child support because my income was higher.

Is there a way to modify child support if it was only ordered because I make more money even though we have the children for the same amount of time?

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