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Nov 09, 2011

child support collection practicesBy Jennifer M. Paine

Mens Divorce Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

Ever feel like you cannot get out of the cycle of child support collection? You may have fallen behind and just got caught up – and then, wham!

Suddenly, you receive a notice for a tax refund intercept, a notice for a hearing to explain why you have an arrearage, an income withholding order that can take away up to 65% of your pay, a passport revocation letter, a boot on your car, or a combination of these things.

For many guys, this a cycle that keeps on going, and going, and going, until their children are grown adults, living out of home and having children of their own.

Child support collection becomes the task of a state worker with one goal in mind – to have you paying the state in interest and penalties, for years and even decades after your child support obligation terminates.

But is this fair?

May 17, 2011

Mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

Do child support laws cover me if I paid an amount of support we agreed to, but now my wife is claiming I owe her back child support?

She moved out a year ago and I have diligently paid her even though we aren't even legally separated.

Now she is suing me for back child support. What are her chances of success?

Apr 20, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Carrie Westbrook

My child support order states that I am claim the children this year for taxes. The divorce judgment says my child support must be current to do so.

I have been paying both the current child support amount and the amount assesed for previous arrears. Does this constitute as being current?

Mar 26, 2011

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

Since I missed a court date, I was deemed to be the "natural father" of a child that I never knew about. No paternity test has been done, yet I was deemed to be the father and now have child support arrears.

How can I get a paternity test done and submitted to the court to prove I am not this child's father and I should not have to pay child support?

Mar 15, 2011

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

Due to confusion and a clerical error, I was recently told I owe $12,000 in back child support because my child support case was not properly closed.

This arrearage of child support is showing on my credit reports as bad debt. We have a letter from the child support office explaining what happened, but it still shows as bad debt.

How can I inform the creditors of the child support office's mistake and get this bad debt removed?

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