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Jun 12, 2012

alimony recapture ruleBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

As if paying alimony weren’t bothersome already, imagine receiving an unfriendly letter from the IRS forcing you into an audit and assessing taxes for three years of income you previously deducted.

This may sound like a tax nightmare – you pay alimony, you deduct it like your CPA and attorney said, and now you have to pay taxes for it – but for many guys it is reality.

This often misunderstood and little discussed trap is called the recapture rule.

May 29, 2012

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My question is about alimony modification if the ex-spouse moves to another jurisdiction.

There is no end date to the alimony I pay to my ex-wife, who has moved to another state to live with her boyfriend.

Since there was no end date ordered in my divorce decree, can I file for a modification of alimony under her current state's laws if she has established residency there?

May 17, 2012

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

My soon-to-be-ex-wife and I signed a marital settlement agreement that she would not request alimony if she is hired for a job in her chosen field before we officially file for divorce in a few months. 

If she gets a job with a good pay, will the judge honor our separation agreement of no alimony will be paid by either party?

May 15, 2012

mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

My wife hired a divorce lawyer after we filed for separation, but I am representing myself pro se. I am not pleased with the alimony order her lawyer drafted, but I have already agreed to it "temporarily."

What should I do in order to have the terms of the alimony order changed?

May 10, 2012

Omaha Nebraska Divorce LawyerQuestion:

My question is about how much alimony and child support I am going to have to pay and if those calculations are based on my current overloaded work schedule.

I work two jobs and nearly 80 hours a week to support my family because my wife refuses to work. I have been doing this for years.

Will my alimony and child support payments be based on these outrageous work hours or will a judge calculate payments based on a reasonable work week that hopefully I can return to post-divorce?

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