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Jan 19, 2010


My ex wife is getting remarried in the next few weeks. How do I go about making certain my maintenance payments to her are terminated? I won’t have to pay alimony once she’s married, right?

Jan 18, 2010

Question: Can the court force my ex to get back into the workplace and get a job? 

I’m breaking my back working so much just to afford the child support and alimony that she’s living off of. I pay so much to them that she doesn’t even need to get a job. In no way is this fair. 

So can it be done? Can the court tell her to get to work and start contributing?


Jan 17, 2010

Question: I was divorced two years ago and the decree required payment of $1,700/month for spousal support until the house was sold. The court decree did not require the house to be put on the market and no timeline to get it sold. 

So two years later, alimony has not started (alimony was mediated and fixed). At the time of the divorce I made over $100,000/year and my ex did not work. Now I have been unemployed for one year and my ex makes over $50,000/year. 

Can the mediated and non-modifiable alimony be set aside? And can the spousal support be modified/abated because of my unemployment?


Jan 17, 2010

Question: Do I have to pay alimony since I have only made $8,000 a year the last 3 years due to a medical reason? Also, my wife made more like $15,000. She just had ex parte; she had an attorney and I didn’t. She wants child support, alimony and fees, and got 50/50 custody. 

Does she get alimony if I make a lot more money after the divorce is final? I’m also worried about her mental state, and there’s a police report showing narcotic abuse symptoms. Can I get a mental evaluation for her?


Jan 16, 2010

Question: I reside in Indiana. I have recently lost my job, but I am receiving 6 months severance pay. I am paying both child support and spousal maintenance. 

My divorce agreement (Property Settlement Agreement) states that spousal maintenance ceases upon loss of employment, but does not specifically mention whether receipt of severance pay is considered “employment income.” 

Under the agreement, do I still pay spousal maintenance from severance pay, or can I suspend payments until I obtain a new job?


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