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Jan 01, 2010

Question: Is there any way to not pay alimony? I currently pay $365 a month for 48 months (already paid 18 months) in alimony in addition to my ex-wife getting $635 a month in child support for one child. She got the residence, all the furnishings, and half of my 401k. She’s constantly going on trips, made many home improvements, and keeps buying new furniture and appliances. She makes just as much money as me. But here I am constantly working overtime just to make ends meet because I’m paying her so much. I am curious to know if it would cost me more to get out of the payments or if it would be cheaper to just bite the bullet and pay her off?


Dec 14, 2009

Question: My wife left me on October 1st but hasn't filed for divorce. I'd like to file for divorce, seek alimony, as well as retain the home. In the eyes of the court, is her action considered abandonment? Is she entitled to everything in the home if she left?


Dec 08, 2009

Rick Ortiz with DadsDivorce Live discusses the topics of alimony, income used for child support, and establishing residency with family law attorney Dan Cuneo, J.D. of Cordell & Cordell, P.C., a firm focusing on representing men in divorce.

Dec 03, 2009

By Erica Christian           

The circumstances giving rise to a divorce may be emotionally consuming making it difficult for you to think about what life will be like once the divorce is granted. It’s also easy to be overwhelmed with all of the terminology and procedures that come along with filing for a divorce. 

As you begin this process, you must thoughtfully consider what your goals are in regards to the issues that will be addressed in your case. Identifying goals, both in the short and long term, is essential to developing the best strategy to obtain the results you want in a divorce.

 Below is a guide that will help get you started on defining your goals and identifying how these goals can be achieved.


Nov 30, 2009

By Michael W. Bouldin

In my 15 years of practice in Northern Kentucky, I’ve seen many fathers come in for a consultation not even knowing what questions to ask.  Many believe that they automatically will be required to pay alimony.  

Some simply presume that they might be entitled to visit with their children every other weekend and want to know how much they will have to pay in child support.  Others believe they are automatically entitled to 50% of the time with their children.  Neither is correct.

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