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Feb 25, 2013

divorce lawyer Maura BoogayQuestion:

I pay alimony to my ex-wife who recently has moved out of the country and now lives in a country where she can collect unemployment and free medical insurance from the government.

Can I modify my alimony payments if my ex has moved to a country that provides her with more benefits and support?

Feb 12, 2013

divorce lawyer Alex DurstQuestion:

A few months after our divorce was final and I was ordered to pay alimony, my ex-wife began receiving Social Security Disability.

How will this effect the spousal support I pay her? Can it increase or decrease based on her receiving payments that were not figured in the divorce?

Feb 07, 2013

divorce lawyer Caroline ThompsonQuestion:

If my unemployed wife is awarded one of the cars in our divorce and I pay for that car, will that payment amount be deducted from any possible alimony or child support orders?

Jan 31, 2013

divorce lawyer Caroline ThompsonQuestion:

My ex-wife's attorney is requesting salary information from my new job because of my increased income.

He said because I have an alimony and child support obligation that he is entitled to know my earnings.

Do I have to provide my ex-wife's divorce lawyer with my pay stubs and financial records?

Jan 29, 2013

divorce lawyer Kirsten ReneauQuestion:

My ex-wife has been denied a few times for spousal support since our divorce was final.

At what point does her request become excessive or frivolous and the courts deem it in malice?

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