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Jun 04, 2014

Question:caroline thompson attorney pennsylvania

My wife makes a lot more money than I do. We are about to get a divorce.

If her salary is much larger than mine, can I get alimony from her then?

May 15, 2014

Question:caroline thompson attorney pennsylvania

I make alimony payments based on a salary that I no longer earn.

My past income is what's figured in the alimony settlement. As things are now, my ex would be getting more than 50 percent of my net income.

Can I get this modified, or am I at the mercy of my former salary?

May 05, 2014

timeshare divorceBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer 

If the threat of paying alimony to your ex-wife has you worried, the prospect of having to prove what she can earn to eliminate, or at least minimize, that threat is probably worse. 

May 01, 2014

father son divorce

By Julie Garrison

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, you are no doubt concerned about keeping ownership and control of important marital assets. You may be worried that your newly estranged wife could withdraw all of the funds from your joint bank accounts or even sell jewelry and other valuables that belong to both of you.

Mar 28, 2014

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

I am a combat disabled veteran facing a child support order. Is my ex-wife entitled to child support and alimony from my V.A. disability and Social Security disability income?

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