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Dec 20, 2013

parental alienationBy Julie Garrison

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One would like to think that when a divorce proceeding has wrapped up, everyone is finally able to move on with their lives and stop looking back. Maybe this happens in Fantasy Land, but it almost never happens in the real world. 

An ex-wife will often vent anger to her children by berating their dad at every juncture. The children end up with an exponentially skewed impression of their father.

In her book "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce," Judith S. Wallerstein writes about about the effects of divorce when an ex-wife vents to the children about the real or imagined shortcomings of their father.

"This is the kind of rage that can last for decades after divorce and it is the kind of anger that leaves lasting residue on a child’s personality," Wallerstein writes.

Jun 29, 2012

parental alienationThere are more than 500,000 children every year in divorced and separated families who have parents polarized by the issue of child custody.

Because of this conflict, many children are psychologically divided by behaviors that have three stages of adjustment: Visitation Resistance, Visitation Pleasure, and Visitation Confliction.

Joseph Goldberg is a parental alienation expert, family law consultant, and founder of the Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome. Alienated first as a child and then as a targeted parent in his divorce case, Goldberg is dedicated to his mission of educating mental health professionals, parents, and the public on the perils of parental alienation.

His latest article is titled "Parental Alienation and Children Exhibiting Visitation Refusal Behavior." Click here to download the full PDF of the article.

Feb 24, 2012

parental alienation 911Our friends Jill Egizii and Judge Michele Lowrance have teamed together to create the workbook "Parental Alienation 911," which is a compilation of research, expert interviews, and solutions to apply to real cases.

Egizii is an alienated mother and the President of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, and Lowrance has been a Domestic Relations Judge since 1995 and frequently appears on nationally syndicated TV and radio shows.

Both talked with and editor Matt Allen about the impetus behind creating a workbook and how it helps parents deal with parental alienation. Lowrance also shared her unique viewpoint as a family law judge on parental alienation trends she is seeing firsthand in her courtroom.

Jan 09, 2012

parental alienationBy Daniel Exner

Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Dads seeking divorce advice frequently ask divorce lawyers about how to keep their ex-wives or soon-to-be-exes from saying negative things to the children about their father.

Many divorced parents will talk about the divorce case with their children, use the kids as messengers, or, in worse cases, fill their children's heads with lies about the other spouse in an attempt to turn the children against the targeted parent.

While there are legal steps you can take to prevent your children from being exposed to the details of your case, practically speaking, these options may not produce the best results.

Aug 18, 2011

parental alienation expert Richard WarshakBy Matt Allen


Dr. Richard Warshak is widely known as one of the world's leading parental alienation experts.

So when he says change is coming to an adversarial family law system that promotes child custody disputes, people listen.

In a column appearing on, Warshak wrote the American Bar Association Section on Family Law partnering with the University of Baltimore School of Law Center for Families, Children and the Courts has launched a massive initiative that is poised to bring family law into the 21st century.

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