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Nov 26, 2014

Wisconsin divorce lawyer Anne ScipiorQuestion:

I was in an abusive relationship with my ex-husband for 14 years and we have six children. I left seven months ago, but my children didn’t want to come with me. I do still have contact with my children and I send them money when I can, but can he get me for abandonment?

Jul 23, 2014

Question:jason bowman attorney kentucky

My wife and I had a bad fight, and she left the home saying that I had hit her. The ER found nothing, but police still showed up at home later that evening.

Over the last few days, my wife stayed at her sister's home but came back to our house this morning. Now, she's sending me texts and messages telling me I better not stay in the home and threatening me.

I have two kids and don't want it to look like I'm abandoning the home if I leave. What can I do?

May 30, 2014

mental health men

By Katie Davis

There's still a stigma around men's mental health. 

Mar 14, 2014

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

My estranged wife is falsely alleging that I abused her. She wants to include the “abuse” in the divorce documents, but I have never hit her and there are no hospital or police records that would prove I’ve abused her.

What can I do to protect myself?

Jan 31, 2014

cyberbullying statsCyberbullying is an increasing threat to children and teenagers as more and more of our lives are connected to technology.

The website compiled this infographic of cyberbullying statistics aimed at educating parents on the reality of existing online threats.

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