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Aug 10, 2012

child support credit reportBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

Federal law allows the state child support agency to report a delinquent child support payer who is just $1,000, and sometimes less, behind! 

This report will appear on - and negatively impact - your credit report.

To avoid credit reporting if you are headed toward the threshold, you should consider these four options:

Aug 09, 2012

child support credit reportBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

Most dads don’t mind paying child support – it's when they fall a little bit behind and can’t catch a break that the problems erupt.

Maybe it’s the ex threatening to take him to court if he is even one day late. Maybe it’s her lawyer sending him a letter that his payment is past due, completed with a "friendly reminder" that he can be held in contempt of court and tossed into jail until he pays up.

Whatever it is, most guys dread the feeling of being labeled a "deadbeat dad" simply because they’ve fallen on hard times and can’t make their payments as timely as they once did.

Some of those guys work really hard to pay on time. They get second or third jobs and skip other bills to pay child support. Their ex and children might appreciate it, but they won’t get a glowing score on their credit report, as one might get for making timely mortgage, car and loan payments.

Apr 07, 2010


I am taking my son out of state, via airplane, for two days for my nephew's wedding. Our divorce was a result of Domestic Violence when our son was 6 months old (he is now 6 years old). I still do not trust my ex-husband and therefore I provide information to him on an "as needed basis". I don't want him to know any more than he needs to. My question is this: am I required to give my ex-husband my itinerary for this short trip?


I am not licensed in Ohio. The answer to your question will really depend on the provisions of divorce decree. Were there restrictions placed on your ex-husband based on the domestic violence? Does he have guideline visitation, joint legal custody? If he has unrestricted parenting time and/or joint legal custody, he may be entitled to know if you are traveling out of state. You really need to consult an attorney in your state to review your divorce decree and advise on the provisions of the parenting time guidelines or laws in effect in Ohio.

Jan 24, 2010

Question: I live in Ohio and pay child support, which I have no objection to paying the court-ordered support. The payments go through the county and then they pay my ex-wife. The charge every month is $25 for processing. 

Can I just pay her direct and avoid the processing fee? It is not a large monthly amount but added up over 15 years it is a nice sum and I would rather she gets that or it goes into a college fund. 

How can I change this?

Dec 07, 2009


My soon to be ex-wife has filed for dissolution of marriage in Ohio. I received a document of the separation agreement which is saying that I need to pay $ 959.15 a month for child support. The annual interpolated value of support is $ 13,127.99. Why am I being ordered to pay almost 80-90% of this value a month and she is paying almost nothing? Is there anything I can do about this? Also, she sent me a message that she wants me to send her money weekly for daycare for my son before the child support kicks in. Should I pay or wait until the child support order begins?


I am not licensed in Ohio. You should also contact an Ohio licensed attorney. Did you attend a hearing or in anyway participate in the calculation of support? The only way to know if the amount is correct is calculate the support. You may be paying 80% if Ohio uses an income share model and your income equals 80% of the total income for both you and your wife. Do not send money for daycare unless it is part of the court order. It is likely that daycare was factored into the child support calculation.

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