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Sep 27, 2011

child alimonyBy Matt Allen


It's official. Massachusetts' long-awaited alimony reform is now reality following Gov. Deval Patrick's signature that mostly eradicates lifetime alimony awards.

The new law allows judges to put an end date to alimony, establishes a formula, and sets guidelines to help determine the amount of alimony.

Judges were hamstrung by the state’s previous archaic laws that did not allow them to cap the duration of alimony even when they felt alimony should end, among other shortcomings.

Sep 26, 2011

top divorce lawyerIt could be a bombshell revelation or it could be something you knew was coming for years. Either way, you are now facing a separation or a divorce and you need legal separation advice.

It is very difficult when you are in the middle of one of the most horrible experiences in your life to focus. You are overcome with emotions, from sadness to anger.

Once you have retained your attorney, you have a million questions ranging from will I get child custody to should I stay in the marital home?

Sep 14, 2011

parenting divorceBy Matt Allen


Another study has reaffirmed the importance of fathers being in their children's lives while calling on political change to help promote the benefits children receive from having an involved father.

Fathers who are able to be actively engaged through hands-on parenting can lead to smarter and better behaved children, according to a report from Concordia University.

Sep 09, 2011

divorce dating adviceThe post-divorce life is a significant adjustment for divorced dads and their children, especially when it comes to dating. editor Matt Allen talked with nationally recognized divorce and relationship expert Nancy Fagan about post-divorce dating and how to handle introducing your new girlfriend to your children.

Fagan provides divorce planning and mediation services for men and women as the owner of The Divorce Help Clinic and has appeared on countless radio and television shows.

She offers advice on how and when to talk to your children about a new relationship and how your children's ages influence those decisions.


Sep 02, 2011

Tom Lemons filmRoughly 2.5 million domestic violence cases are reported each year; more than 1 million are false reports.

A system originally designed to protect against violent acts is now being used as a strategical tactic in divorce and child custody cases.

The powerful 30-minute documentary "DVI: The Inside Story" examines the impact of false domestic violence claims and a system that promotes these false allegations. editor Matt Allen interviewed filmmaker Tom Lemons about how the system is being abused and the devastating effects these false allegations have on men's lives.

Watch the interview below. A link to the documentary, which is well worth watching, is below the video.

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