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Jul 12, 2012

grandparents rightsQuestion:

My ex-wife has legal custody and physical custody of our children and I have scheduled visitation. Due to long-term neglect on her behalf, I am filing to modify child custody. 

However, her parents have been talking to my kids about living with them permanently instead of their mom.

Can my wife, since she currently has legal custody, let my kids live with their grandparents without my permission?

Jul 04, 2012

dealing with boyfriend divorceBy Kristine J. Rea

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

Dealing with your ex-wife's new boyfriend or husband is difficult enough, but what if you want to completely cut off communication with your ex's significant other?

Divorced dads often ask Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyers if their ex-wife is allowed to have her boyfriend or husband contact them to arrange custody exchanges or discuss other details of the children's lives. Sometimes these exchanges can be testy and confrontational.

So what options are available to you if you no longer want to deal with your ex-wife's boyfriend or husband?

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