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Mar 15, 2010

By Molly Murphy


Cordell & Cordell

Custody battles are hard on kids of all ages.  It is especially hard for tweens and teenagers.  They are old enough to understand what court is, and that Mom and Dad are fighting over them.  Some children even become their parents’ confidantes or are used as a pawn between their parents. 

In this role the teenager, who is still a child, becomes a mediator.  Or, they become one parent’s staunchest defender.  Any of those roles is a hard place to be.  It is especially hard on teenagers, as they are still developing their own relationships with their peers.

However, be aware that getting your child involved in your case could backfire on you.

Nov 29, 1999


Is there a set time before someone can file a motion to modify for more child support or can they just file a motion every month if they want?


Child support is always modifiable if there has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances since the last modification. If the support was calculated pursuant to the Form 14, there is a prima facie (automatic) change of circumstances if the Form 14 amount is modified by 20%. The rumor about the set amount of time is derived from the DCSE internal policy that they will review and modify non welfare cases only every three years. Welfare recipients sign over the child support to the State and therefore the State will review and modify anytime if they can recoup a portion of the welfare benefits they are paying out.

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