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Jun 18, 2010

Sunday is Father’s Day, an internationally recognized day to honor and celebrate all the fathers. is a constant reminder of the necessity of a father in a child’s life and the battles fathers often have to fight in family courts for their rights.

Unfortunately, many dads reading this won’t be able to see their kids on Father’s Day. On our forums, you can read about dads who say the official celebratory day of Father’s Day has come to mean very little to them because every day they are able to see their kids is Father’s Day.

So whether or not you are able to see your kids Sunday, remember to treasure every moment you are with them. And do something for yourself on Father's Day. You deserve it!

Jun 18, 2010

By Matt Allen


Note: This is the first part in an occasional series on “real life” experiences of divorced dads. If you’d like to share your experience and divorce advice, please e-mail

Richard (not his real name) is a 40-something who recently re-married following a divorce. He has four children from his previous marriage (one adopted) and now three stepchildren drawing the inevitable Brady Bunch references.

His three biological children live with him and his adopted child lives with his ex wife.

I talked with Richard about his child custody battle, the importance of having an involved father, the blending of a new family, and what Father’s Day means to him.

Jun 04, 2010

By Matt Allen


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Jun 01, 2010

Question:Samuel Sanchez divorce lawyer

In June, we are in an interim period that allows my ex-wife to designate two uninterrupted weeks for visitation. The problem is she selected the two weeks that fall during our child's birthday and Father's Day. Am I stuck accepting these weeks or will I be able to see my kid for his birthday and Father's Day?


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