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Nov 02, 2011

lawyer Gary ZeissBy Gary M. Zeiss, Esq.

I rolled out of bed at around 9:30, early for a Sunday. It was going to be a nice day - not too hot, not too cold. Classic early October weather. Not a cloud in the sky. 

I went into the kitchen and started the coffee. Then I looked outside at my job for the day. I've been putting this off for weeks (actually for years). Nevertheless, it needed to be done. No more procrastination. 

I started the coffee and walked the dogs. Then I poured more and sat down in the living room for a few minutes. The Bills were playing the Giants - the game was just starting. I couldn't give a damn about either team but the game still drew me in. Another 45 minutes passed.

I walked back into the kitchen for yet another cup. I realized that I was putting this job off yet again. I pushed the button and the garage door opened.

There it was, my stuff.

Not a normal collection of things that had accumulated over the years - my stuff was morbidly special. The remnants of a marriage and family shattered by disease and divorce. And it was my job to sift through it.

Nov 01, 2011

divorce debtGetting a divorce can be made more difficult if you have credit card debt. That's why when giving divorce tips for men, many divorce lawyers advise you clear that debt before filing.

It is always advisable to pursue credit card debt consolidation and pay off the balance of the credit card debt before divorcing.

However, even though divorcing with debt can be a complicated affair, it does not mean it is impossible.

Follow these divorce tips for men for advice on how to divorce with credit card debt.

Oct 31, 2011

best time for divorceBy Matt Allen


It's no secret a divorce isn't cheap with the average case costing $20,000.

But there are certain times when a divorce can be financially advantageous, such as in today's present economy.

Cordell & Cordell managing partner Scott Trout once told a news outlet he does not encourage divorce, but rather a man should not let a poor economy prevent an inevitable break up.

"In the stock market, you buy low and sell high. Why in a divorce would you divorce high and not low?" Trout asked. "What we're trying to tell guys is, 'Look, when you think you can least afford a divorce ... might be the time to do it.'"

Oct 28, 2011

domestic violence against menOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and while most of the attention will be paid to abused women, readers know all too well how prevalent domestic violence against men is.

Divorced dads also know about false allegations of abuse being used against them. Claims of domestic violence are increasingly common in divorce and child custody disputes because of the strategic gain to the accuser. editor Matt Allen discussed the perspective of domestic violence against men with Cordell & Cordell mens divorce attorney Heather Biagi, who shared divorce tips for men on how to handle false allegations of abuse.

Biagi also shared the correct way a man should go about making his case for domestic violence when he is the victim of abuse.

Oct 28, 2011

Halloween tipsBy Matt Allen


Being on your own as a divorced dad for the first Halloween may be even scarier than the ghosts and goblins that will be terrorizing your neighborhood.

It’s normal for recently divorced dads to feel guilt or anxiety over the breakdown of a marriage and subsequent effects on the children.

But it's important to make every moment count with your child, no matter how awkward and unfamiliar Halloween and its surrounding events can be as a newly single dad.

Follow these divorce tips for men about co-parenting, communication, and safety on Halloween. 

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